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How to pick and choose good small and mid cap funds

How to pick and choose good small and mid cap funds?

How to pick and Choose a Small and Mid Cap Funds

How to Pick and choose small and mid cap funds

Many yesteryear’s mid caps have become large cap companies and have created wealth for the investors. Even having one or two stocks in your portfolio which can transform from Small Caps to Mid cap or from Mid Caps to large caps can create significant returns for your investment portfolio. Small and mid-cap stocks have potential to grow at a faster pace compared to their large cap peers. The question is how do you pick the right Small and mid Cap funds. And in fact investing in small and mid cap stocks without having significant experience in the investment space can be disastrous. Therefore what should be the right strategy to invest in small and mid cap stocks if one were to benefit by investing into such space. Experts suggest that as a retail investor you should only take exposure through the mutual funds route to invest in small and mid cap space. In this article we pick – up 5 mutual funds schemes from the small and mid cap space and evaluate how they have fared in during the last few years.

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