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Children's Investment Plans

As a parent or grandparent you want best for your children and grand children, be it health wealth or happiness and providing for their financial future. Child plans are used as tool by many families to give their children a foundation for a strong financial future. Child plans are designed in such a manner that they give financial security to the child in case of any eventuality to the parent and give them enough money by the time they are preparing for their higher education. 

Children Investment plans cannot be looked into isolation. Since any investment going into such plans would come from family income, It has to be a part of the Comprehensive Financial Planning for the family. A child also receives some cash gifts at the time of his birth from his parents, grand parent and other family members. This type of money can be parked into a liquid Fund and a systematic investment plan into an equity scheme can be done from there. Also there are other options like long term bonds / Tax free Bonds for more risk averse investors.

However buying an insurance plan for the Child to secure a sound financial future is another alternative. We at Fiducia Money understand the need and carefully analyze and research a plethora of such products offered by the Insurance Companies. In the absence of  standardization of features such tools couldn't be provided on the internet. If you are looking to invest for the bright future of your child submit your query here: Child Education Plans 

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