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At Fiducia Money we believe in customer innovation and do things differently. In all our operations and philosophy the financial planning and wealth creation remains the central idea. Which is why in the loan portfolio our offerings are restricted to mortgage products only. We advise or suggest products which we think would add value to the client’s overall financial strategies.

In our loan portfolio we do home loans, Loan against Property and Lease Rental Discounting. Since we believe that through a Home Loan a customer would create a long term asset which would appreciate in value and create wealth for the client.
Loan against property and lease rental discounting are the other two mortgage products which we advise and use innovatively to raise long term finance for our customers. Such loans can help our clients expand their businesses or investments into more profitable assets while the interest paid on such loans can help him claim the interest expenses and hence tax deduction. Which brings down the interest cost to the client.
Home Loan balance transfer helps you get your expensive mortgage refinanced. This service is available for Home Loan refinance, LAP refinance. You can check our balance transfer savings calculator to find out if the transfer makes sense to you.
Our goal is to make the customers borrowing experience simple, convenient and rewarding! Borrowing money should not be intimidating, frustrating or overwhelming. We will always make sure your experience is hassle free, convenient and honest with a guarantee of privacy and trust and our Name says it all.

Empowering the Client
Fiducia Money is a very unique, innovative and experienced mortgage broker and brings the following to your side:
  • Meritocracy
  • Commitment
  • Expertise in transaction handling
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Approachability
Our expert staff and management are constantly aiming to make your borrowing experience as easy, pleasurable and comfortable as possible. We work hard to achieve this by offering our clients a world of difference:
  • Knowledge by going through the step-by-step process of obtaining a Loan.
  • Convenience by having one point access to all your queries and doorstep service. Our specialist to address all your questions and concerns are just a phone call away.
  • Best Rates from the biggest loan providers that are happy to compete for your business allowing us to offer you more savings.

Centre of all our action YOU the client.