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NRI Investments in India

Investments by NRIs in India have been made easy by both Capital Market Regulator (SEBI) as well as RBI. However there are few points that an NRI investor needs to keep in mind before taking such decisions. There are Investor Regulations which must be considered before taking any such investments related decisions by NRIs.
Catering to NRI needs requires specialized skills and experience. Whether you are planning to set up a business in India, or simply looking to invest in Indian Real Estate, or arranging Home Loan for purchase of your Home in India you need and expert who can handle your transaction smoothly. An expert in these services would guide you through the process, present a detailed analysis of the opportunity / need, and do the necessary documentation. Not only does this requires a thorough and detailed analysis, but also requires a detailed understanding of the documentation involved. NRI Experts at Fiducia help you in this entire process.

Who is a Non – Resident India (NRI)?

An NRI is a an Indian Citizen or a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) who stays abroad for employment, business or vacation outside India for more than 180 days ( as per the definition of Income Tax)

Who is a Person of Indian Origin?

A PIO means a citizen of any other country (other than Bangladesh or Pakistan); if the person has any of the following:
1. At any time in the past held an Indian passport
2. Or the person’s parents or grandparents were citizens of India
3. Or is spouse of an Indian Citizen or a person referred to in 1 or 2 above.